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GIRLHOUSE Shares Woozy New Single ‘concussion’

Announcing her sophomore body of work, the second ep, girlhouse sets anticipations high as she shares concussion.

girlhouse 2021

Having grown up in Portland, traversed through Los Angeles, and now settled in Nashville, girlhouse has been collecting memories and experiences during her journeys of trying new things and experiencing life. She now weaves them into the same fabric of her sound to create music that’s both immensely personal and easy to relate to, and having already delighted with her eponymous debut EP, she gets ready to return with the second ep, which is set for release on October 1st.

Alongside the announcement, girlhouse shares her new single concussion for a trailer of what’s to come. While her previous efforts focused on her feelings of disconnect and anxiety, this new chapter brings a direction of healing and looking to the future as she acknowledges what’s happened to fully let them go. As concussion exemplifies, part of that will include being honest about the extent to which you have mulled upon your past, and as she bathes you in a warm glow of synths and hazy guitars, you’ll slowly find yourself able to let go of your nostalgia.

Explaining the story behind concussion, girlhouse shares:

‘concussion’ is about a monumentally shit day. My first and favorite car got smashed (it was a bright orange 81 Honda Civic with a stick shift), next thing I knew I was lying on the ground, being harassed by LA firemen while a woman was screaming at me calling me a dumb bitch. I just have no idea what happened, all I could think about was this person that had just broken my heart, somehow nothing else mattered. I think I used that relationship as a distraction in a big way, it was that moment where I realized that person was taking up a lot of mental real estate and I needed to make room for actual problems in my life and move on.