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JORDAN NASH Uncovers Entrancing Debut Single ‘Nightmares’

Just like a strong sip of alcohol, this track will intoxicate you with its sensual yet wistful lyrical storytelling.

Jordan Nash

Photo: Gabby Drew

Hailing from West London, Jordan Nash is a promising 24-year-old artist, performer and producer whose musical inspirations range from ‘60s and early ‘70s psychedelia to his youthful palette of Elton John, Beethoven and Young Thug. Describing his current repertoire of music as “a lost page from a book written” during the ‘60s and ‘70s, Nash has a deep passion for composing his own lyrics and his songwriting is propelled by predominantly visual influences. It is no surprise, therefore, that the music video for his own single Nightmares is enchantingly alluring, with its vibrant depiction of spellbinding, young lovers.

Co-written and co-produced by Nash and Brendan Grieve, Nightmares is an enticing entryway into Nash’s psychedelically dreamy world of music. With blissful vocals, softly strummed guitars and hypnotising synths, this track is a sacred key to the audibly and visually extravagant world which Nash is creating.

Nash shares:

‘Nightmares’ is that “where’s the party going next?” feeling. Realising the shots are gonna keep coming and you just have to ride it out. Some of the best people around you end up being strangers you will probably never meet again – but for that moment it’s the only trip to take. It’s stumbling through the night, shades on, whiskey in a cola bottle… the last train home.

Deliciously flamboyant and romantically divine, the music video depicts a colourfully-adorned Nash and his wholesome interactions with an angelic love interest, played by Emilia Bowles. The visuals for Nightmares are not remotely nightmarish but, instead, ethereally hazy so as to reflect the song’s dreamy nature.