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THE SUKIS Share Driving New Single ‘Cherryade’

You’ll be left with a sweet taste on your lips with the summery new track from The Sukis, Cherryade.

The Sukis 2021

There almost seems to be something synonymous between British summer, and feel-good indie melodies, and The Sukis tap into this with their hooking release Cherryade. Slinging around boisterous guitar melodies and charismatic vocals, Cherryade brims with a bubbly carefreeness that you can’t help but latch onto.

The indie-inspired melodies almost take you back to early Arctic Monkey days, making you feel as if you’re back in the prime of your youth again, yet with enough of a modernness and the band’s own twist (including a melodic one – exhilarating modulations, anyone?) that it still feels apt for the fading sunny days of 2021. As the lyrics paint a picture of past flings and gets you flushed upon your first crushes, there’s still an endearing heart that cuts through the energetic percussion and electric guitars as you fondly reminisce upon your innocent feelings.

Speaking more about the release, the band explains:

‘Cherryade’ takes a self-reflective journey through teenage romantic affairs. An upbeat, glistening indie-rock song exploring the implications of nostalgia; through the reverb soaked guitars, dreamy synths and groovy-driving bassline. Taking different elements from early Strokes to the harmonies of Queen with traces of 90s dream-pop ambience, ‘Cherryade’ is the party anthem, the clean up and the soundtrack.