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JORDAN DANIELLE HARRIS Shares Video for ‘Something New’

Falling sweetly and softly on the ear, Something New is the R&B-tinged indie dream from Jordan Danielle Harris.

Jordan Danielle Harris

Jordan Danielle Harris has shared her first offering of 2021 with the purely enchanting and flawlessly executed track Something New.

Capturing the essence of love highs and romantic doubts, Harris charms with her musical cocktail of indie-pop aesthetics and R&B elegance. On Something New, her lush vocals gracefully dance atop a bed of dreamy guitar tones and subtle percussion, slowly taking on a powerful momentum. With a jazzy tinge to the sound, the track radiates warmth and passion, offering some sweet pop thrills for the last days of summer. As we get immersed in this powerfully evocative soundscape, it’s the sensuousness of musical texture that leaves the most lasting impression.