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METTESON Dazzles With New Track ‘Under Your Shirt’

Bringing a driving rhythm and stirring melody, Metteson sends you to a glittering high with Under Your Shirt.

Metteson 2021

Norwegian alt-popper Metteson dazzles with yet another effortlessly charming and effusive track. Combining rousing harmonies and heart-on-sleeve lyricism, there’s a lot to relish in with Under Your Shirt, and you’ll embark on a thrilling journey through orchestral build-ups and gospel choirs before a hushed ending creates a tender finality. The opening doesn’t give much away, as pattering beats and raw vocals contain only a tenth of the excitement that’s to come, but all shackles are loosened as the melody changes keys. Before you know it, you’re on a bubble of euphoria and soaring atop a vessel of optimism and earnestness, driven by sparkling electronics and effervescent pulses, as Metteson touches on the indescribable feelings of delight and intimacy when another person opens up their heart and their kindness to you.

Explaining more of the lyrical inspiration, Metteson shares:

I haven’t experienced “the love of my life” but in time I’ve learned that I’ve received something just as valuable. I’ve received lots of love in the first moments, the hours or weeks when two people first connect and everything is new, exciting and full of possibility. This song, for me, is about this. It’s also a story about how kindness and sacrifice can have an immense value in a relationship.