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LEXMO Shares New Single ‘Think Of Me’

Forlornly personal and carefully paced, Think Of Me is the latest heartbreaking ballad from LexMo.


Photo: Merrett Fay

Emerging Venezuelan, Miami-raised multidisciplinary artist LexMo wears her heart on her sleeve in her new pop stunner, Think Of Me. With a touch of melancholic sweetness to the sound, LexMo creates a moment of true vulnerability as she muses over the end of a past relationship. Her evocative vocals gracefully dance atop a bed of hazy synths and gentle instrumentals, coalescing into a pure melodic bliss. Falling sweetly and softly on the ear, Think Of Me is an intimate tale of love and loss that offers a peculiarly insightful glimpse into the emotional fluidity of LexMo’s songwriting.

Speaking on the new single, LexMo shares:

‘Think Of Me’ is an ode to the resentment I felt for the way my first real love ended things and the way it broke me. I wanted him to know.