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JACKSON DYER Soothes With New Single ‘At Ease’

Get ready for a bittersweet and shimmering slice of indie-pop that will put you At Ease.

Jackson Dyer

Photo: Shari Annabell Marks

Sydney-born, Berlin-based musician Jackson Dyer charms us with his most recent single At Ease. It’s a dreamy listen, with holographic guitars and comforting beats that will gently rouse you and create the feeling of sunlight trickling through your windows in the morning. The vocals are in another league of their own, creating a softness and warmth that wraps around you like a weighted blanket, lulling you into security and safety.

Lyrically, there’s an earnest story-telling element that makes the track so alluring to listen to. There’s a deep candidness and openness imbued within the meticulous words, and the intention behind each letter is clear for all to see. At Ease is a delightful sliver of calm and oasis amidst the hectic day, and it will certainly do what it sets out for in cocooning you from the world around.

Explaining more of the track, Jackson shares:

‘At Ease’ is a song about mornings at home, when the coffee is freshly brewed and the sun is filtering through the curtains. It’s about those moments of absolute contentment when you wake up with someone special besides you and the day is pure and untouched by the stress and obligations of the outside world. ‘At Ease’ was a calming song for me to produce, almost meditating on the warm optimism of mornings and love.