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CASEY CONROY Shares New Single ‘Over You’

Casey Conroy muses over the past in her instantly hooking indie-pop number, Over You.

Casey Conroy 2021

Over You is the latest single taken from Casey Conroy‘s debut EP It’s Just Living, out now. Sweetly subtle yet ardent, the track is built around radio-ready pop hooks and alt rock grooves. Reflecting on her past choices, the Orlando-native effortlessly showcases the introspective and affectionate style of her songwriting. Over You is a tale of letting go and moving on, wrapped up in bright instrumentals, tender vocals, and sky-chasing melodies. With an infectious chorus and a touch of nostalgia to the lyricism, this song is sure to get stuck in your head for days.

Speaking on the new single, Casey Conroy shares:

‘Over You’ is a song about realizing that sometimes things are better left in the past.