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DUNE RATS Hype Up With New Track ‘UP’

With an irresistible energy and an unshakeable buoyancy, Dune Rats’ latest single UP is like an energy drink in musical form.

Dune Rats 2021

Australian outfit Dune Rats are back with their first new music in 2021, and my, is it a resounding return with their jubilant single UP. It’s a tour-de-force of vibrancy, bouncy rhythms and all round smile-inducing energy with chanting vocals and one of the most fun melodies you’ll hear this year. Hyping you up with drums and an unshakeable optimism, it’s a track that will make you want to drop everything you’re doing and just have a dance party. And that was precisely the intention that Dune Rats had in mind when penning the track, as they explain:

‘UP’ was written on the far South Coast of Australia in a small town called Eden. It was bloody freezing at the time, so it felt necessary to write a summer tune.

We ended up making this feel-good banger that was way different from anything we’d written before. We stumbled across the song while having a good time fucking around and cracking each other up. At first, we were reluctant to show anyone because of how different it sounded but eventually thought fuck it and embraced the tuneski!

Naturally, an equally energetic video had to follow and the band has delivered this and more with hilarious storylines, role-playing as postman, and LOTS of choreography. Sharing more about this, they mention:

It took a couple of weeks to learn the ‘UP’ dance in between every rehearsal, sound check and show during our Duniespalooza shows in Brisbane. Then we went straight into a three day shoot with a nasty four-nights-in-a-row hangover…. Was intense, but more than worth it!

The video also sees features from various guests, including Matt & Dom from The Inspired Unemployed. The sky was the limit though as the band says:

When thinking who else we could rope in for the fun time ahead, getting Bugs, Big Twisty & The Funknasty plus all our mates from Brisbane was a no brainer. Getting to shoot this clip with them all was insanely fun.