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Monthly Archives: February 2022

RAYVENTURAS Unveil Luscious New Tune ‘Things’

With a soothing accompaniment and a luscious melody, Things is the charming new single from Rayventuras. Berlin-based indie outfit Rayventuras return with their first single of 2022 with Things, a hazy and dream-inducing track. It sends you into a sphere of tranquility with its mellow

Stray Fossa

STRAY FOSSA Share Hazy Single ‘Transpiring’

With lyrical themes of time and separation, this single is a serene listening experience, especially for fans of Tame Impala’s production style and Cigarettes After Sex’s vocalisms. Formed in early 2018 in Charlottesville, Virginia, Stray Fossa are an indie trio consisting of Zach Blount and


RETRO VIDEO CLUB Return With Soaring Anthem ‘Faking’

Demanding your attention from the very first beat, this track is an energising tale of a toxic past relationship, inspired by the ex-lover’s unexpected communication. Bursting onto the scene in 2018, Retro Video Club are an Edinburgh-based indie band who are known for their rousing

Meyru 2022

MEYRU Share Pleasing Single ‘Off White’

On a bed of grainy guitars, sublime vocals soothe the ears before delicately tinkling piano notes play out in this sonically eclectic indie rock hit. Based in New York, Meyru are an indie pop band renowned for the infectious energy that they bring to their

Remi Wolf - Minneapolis - GIG GOER 2022

Live: REMI WOLF // First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

Remi Wolf put on a stunning performance at Minneapolis’ First Avenue last week, touring in support of her 2021 debut album Juno. Remi Wolf rocketed onto the First Avenue stage after several minutes of the audience chanting “Remi, Remi, Remi.” The screams prompted by her


GEORGE EZRA Shares Infectious Single ‘Anyone For You’

Bursting with an irresistibly cheerful disposition, this track is a definitive George Ezra smash hit, patchworked together with scrapbooked lyrics and irreplaceable studio moments. After not releasing new music since 2018, BRIT Award-winning and multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter and musician George Ezra returns with the announcement

Penny 2022

PENNY Releases Expressive Single ‘Outside’

On a bed of thumping bass, PENNY’s heavenly vocals profess her entanglement with jealousy, and how this strong emotion can be misinterpreted for lust. Hailing from Huddersfield, England, PENNY is a 23-year-old, critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter who launched her career with her debut single Sad Puppy in

Erika Wester 2022

ERIKA WESTER Shares Nostalgic Single ‘Novelty’

Engrossing you in a paradise of soft acoustics, Erika Wester’s elegantly raw vocals will enchant you as this lyrically exposed track plays out. Residing in Los Angeles, California, Erika Wester is an upcoming singer-songwriter who immerses herself in the art of lo-fi. Gentle yet captivating,