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Album Review // LANY ‘mama’s boy’

Swapping Malibu nights for Southern sunsets, LANY pay homage to their roots with a reflective and awe-inspiring collection of songs, mama’s boy. After the success of their 2018 album, Malibu Nights, LANY‘s frontman Paul Klein and his band mates Jake Goss and Les Priest found

Staying Home With GIG GOER - The Hunna

Staying Home With GIG GOER // Episode 11: THE HUNNA

This week on Staying Home With GIG GOER…⁣⁣⁣⁣ On the final episode of SHGG, Ryan and Jack from The Hunna take us through their “Hunna Horror Story”, zombie-apocalypse plan, and what it was like working with the legendary John Feldmann in LA during the Grammys.

Gwyn Love 2020

GWYN LOVE Shares New Single ‘Good Vibes’

Gwyn Love finds happiness in the simple things with her electro-pop banger, Good Vibes. Joyous and reflective, Good Vibes is a dance floor-worthy anthem that captures the essence of summertime in just over four minutes. Oozing with infectious energy and fervour, the track thrives on

JADN 2020

JADN Release New Single ‘All For Nothing’

JADN question one’s reality with their electro-pop banger All For Nothing. In their first effort of 2020, JADN juxtapose bittersweet melancholia of adolescence with infectious hooks, creating a song tailored for both dance floors and crying out loud alone in your bedroom. Drawing upon 80s-inspired

Staying Home With GIG GOER - Giant Rooks

Staying Home With GIG GOER // Episode 10: GIANT ROOKS

This week on Staying Home With GIG GOER…⁣⁣⁣⁣ Calling in from Berlin, Giant Rooks joined us to discuss their debut album Rookery, what changes have come from the pandemic, surprising fanbases, and how they want listeners to experience their album. ⁣ Watch the full interview

Make Friends 2020

MAKE FRIENDS Share Visuals for ‘Hesitate’

Airy and forlorn, Hesitate is an indie pop wonder that is sure to strike a chord within you. Bristol newcomers Make Friends showcase a knack for creating wondrous indie soundscapes with their latest offering Hesitate. Woozy guitars glimmer in the sun-kissed sea of soothing sounds,