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TELESCREEN Share New Single ‘Onward (To You)’

Bathed in a retro glow, Onward (To You) is the latest synth-pop gem from Melbourne outfit Telescreen.

Telescreen 2021

Combining vintage pop stylings with modern production, Telescreen craft an expansive soundscape with Onward (To You). Written during Melbourne’s second extended lockdown of 2020, the song serves as a reminder of better days to come.

With a cinematic feel to the sound, Onward (To You) is built around sky-chasing melodies and vibrant textures. 80s-inspired synths add a kaleidoscopic touch to the sonic palette, whilst sparkling guitars and driving drums brim with optimism and hope for the future. There’s also a dash of nostalgic sweetness to it as the lyrics hint at a moment of deep introspection and self-reflection. Offering a word of encouragement, Onward (To You) is a voyage into the unknown, a cocktail for musical catharsis, packed with excitement and promise.

Speaking on the new single, frontman Nic Schwarz explains:

This song is a reflection of that sincere, starry eyed hope. It’s got this real sense of belief and optimism about it that fills me with desperate anticipation for what could be next. Similarly the track itself builds and builds throughout the song, all leading up to that final moment of blissful release and the feeling of “I’m gonna make it.” Onward reminds me that time is constantly moving us toward our next big break, our next lover, turning us into the person we want and need to be.