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MABES Shares New Track ‘Fairground’

UK singer-songwriter Mabes muses over a failed relationship in her latest pop stunner, Fairground.


Drawing inspiration from Americana, country, soul, and Nashville’s songwriting ethos, Mabes offers up a soulful brew of pop subtleties with her music. Following from her previous single, Radio, she continues to capture our attention with the heart-tugging and powerfully evocative Fairground.

Underscored with the sharp pang of heartache, Fairground is a tale of the end of a romance. Pairing country instrumental stylings with elements of indie-pop balladry, Mabes creates a moment of vulnerability as she delves into feelings of love and doubt. Her tender vocals add a sweetly subtle touch to the guitar-driven soundscape, conveying a sense of deep melancholy and yearning.

Speaking on the new single, Mabes shares:

‘Fairground’ comes from a place of hurting, after my love moves or goes away and the relationship ends. “Now I got issues cos I really miss you.” And saying that I’ve been hurt by love before but everytime I ‘go all in’ despite this, I give everything in love and I should know better but can’t help myself. ‘Maybe you just can’t win’ in love.