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In Conversation with SIMPLE PLAN

We sit down with Montreal Canada’s finest Simple Plan as they celebrate their “No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls” 15 year anniversary tour. Chuck and Jeff from Simple Plan joined us backstage at The Forum in London to talk about their best tour experiences, rockstar moments and…

SDF17 // The Maine Interview

The Phoenix-based quintet makes debut apperance at Slam Dunk Festival. The Maine joined us backstage at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival to talk about their latest album, dream festival line-ups and bizarre tour stories. Watch it below!

SDF17 // The Gospel Youth Interview

England’s South Coast pop-rock outfit, The Gospel Youth make an appearance at Slam Dunk Festival. Kurtis and Sam from The Gospel Youth joined us backstage at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival to talk about their forthcoming debut album, dream festival line-ups and future plans. Watch it below!

SDF17 // With Confidence Interview

The Aussie pop punk rockers return to Slam Dunk Festival. Josh and Luke from With Confidence joined us backstage at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival to talk about their dream festival line-ups, social media and some weird tour-related experiences. Watch the interview below!

In Conversation with FIRST HATE

“I guess most people start by hating themselves.” We sat down with Copenhagen duo First Hate to discuss love, hate and everything in between. Few artists have the audacity to be as deliciously pretentious, and yet as self deprecating as First Hate. The Danish duo’s

In Conversation with STARCRAWLER

Sitting down to talk Mexican legends, Ants and hitting the UK, Starcrawler defy the jetlag and serve up honest truth of a band on the verge of something big. The avant-garde, mind-twisting works of Los Angeles four piece, Starcrawler, have received praise from the high end

In Conversation with OUR GIRL

Our intention and motive behind what we do is very real – the trio takes us back to where it all started and reveals their future aspirations. With their unpretentious outlook on music, their refreshing honesty and their elegant tunes, Our Girl are definitely a band suited

In Conversation with NATHAN BALL

Playing live is the greatest thing in the world – we hear from Nathan Ball as he reflects on his musical journey. Through words and chords, Nathan Ball has unfolded his own picturesque world, filled with marvels and mysteries. I sat down with the singer-songwriter