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Nova Charisma 2020

Band Of The Week // NOVA CHARISMA

Drawing an epic three-part debut to an end, Exposition III offers a glance into the glittering future that Nova Charisma will have in store for us. Nova Charisma, formed of Donovan Melero and Sergio Medina, draw upon the pair’s existing expertise in their scene to

Coach Party 2020

Band Of The Week // COACH PARTY

Bringing an intoxicating indie sound, Coach Party is the latest quartet that you won’t be able to get enough of. Isle of Wight is not exactly a place well-known for having musical roots, but indie quartet Coach Party certainly has not let that fact limit

dekleyn 2020

Band Of The Week // DEKLEYN

Bringing joy with their flittering beats, get ready to be moved by the charming new single One More Night from dekleyn. Australian duo dekleyn bring the sunshine of their native country into the melodies of their infectious new single One More Night. Light-infused guitar lines

Children Of The State 2020


Sending feel-good vibes and sunshine-doused melodies, Children Of The State are the perfect accompaniment to the good weather that you didn’t know you needed. It’s difficult not to feel at least a glimmer of optimism as you listen to the dazzling new track from Children

Emily Magpie 2020

Artist Of The Week // EMILY MAGPIE

Tackling the pertinent issue of climate change in her debut album Let’s Talk About The Weather, Emily Magpie is a stirring new force to keep an eye on. The problem of climate change is one that has been narrated in multiple forms, but dream-pop artist

James Vickery 2020

Artist Of The Week // JAMES VICKERY

Allow us the pleasure of featuring James Vickery, the next rising star of the UK R&B scene as he shares his spellbinding new EP Overture. R&B is certainly a genre that has been making recent resurgences within the British music scene, and with artists such

St. Lundi 2020

Artist Of The Week // ST. LUNDI

St. Lundi makes his debut into the world with his poetic and soulful single You’ve Got The Wrong Guy. Coming across talented new artists is like coming across a diamond in the rough, and this comparison could not be more apt than for our artist

Halflives 2020

Band Of The Week // HALFLIVES

Presenting us with their thrilling new EP Resilience, Halflives channel the perfect amount of honesty and infectious energy to create a potent sonic blend that will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged. Alt-rockers Halflives push their hooking melodies to even greater heights in their newest

Counterfeit. - GIG GOER 2020


Ever wondered what COUNTERFEIT. get up to on tour? Well, wonder no more – we sent them off with a couple of disposable cameras and the task of documenting their recent UK tour to give you an insight into their life on the road. Take

Flora Cash 2020

Band Of The Week // FLORA CASH

Indie pop duo Flora Cash take the world in their stride as they release their newest album Baby, It’s Okay. The world can be a difficult place to navigate at times, and Swedish indie pop duo Flora Cash acknowledge this in their newest album Baby,