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Jake Whiskin 2020

Artist Of The Week // JAKE WHISKIN

With tender vocals and confessional lyricism, Jake Whiskin gently cradles and caresses your heart with his newest single Breakneck Speed. Leeds musician Jake Whiskin shares his newest heart-on-sleeve single Breakneck Speed, following the release of his latest project Isolation Tapes which brings to light some

Staying Home With GIG GOER // Episode 5: JC STEWART

This week on Staying Home With GIG GOER…⁣⁣⁣⁣ “Slow down…and stockpile the McDonald’s while you can ’cause it’s gonna be a long time before you get it again.” JC Stewart shares advice for his pre-lockdown self, discusses the strangeness of releasing music during COVID, pranking

daysormay press 2020

Band Of The Week // DAYSORMAY

Confronting you with some hard-to-ignore questions, daysormay offer a fresh re-evaluation of life in their pressing new single Running. Canadian alternative trio daysormay have had quite the year in 2019; they found an unexpected fan in Tessa Violet, who they subsequently collaborated with on their

State Champs - GIG GOER 2020

Staying Home With GIG GOER // Episode 4: STATE CHAMPS

This week on Staying Home With GIG GOER…⁣⁣⁣⁣ Ryan Scott Graham stopped by to have a great conversation with us about State Champs‘ upcoming Unplugged EP, the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement, Minions and memes. Ryan even dropped his hottest SC recipe exclusively

Josie Proto 2020

Artist Of The Week // JOSIE PROTO

Armed with an acoustic guitar and a charismatic attitude, Josie Proto sets out on a journey of gratitude with her latest single Thank You. British singer-songwriter Josie Proto presents a lovable, charming sound with folksy acoustic guitar and heartfelt vocals tinged with innocence in her

Maggie Cassidy 2020

Band Of The Week // MAGGIE CASSIDY

Sharing their thrilling debut EP, Life Is Beautiful, Maggie Cassidy are here to grace the world with their infectious and vibrant sound. After forming in 2018, Maggie Cassidy are presenting their cutting debut EP Life Is Beautiful. Recorded in an old air raid bunker in

Maude Latour 2020

Artist Of The Week // MAUDE LATOUR

Get ready to jam along to the bubbly new single from Maude Latour, One More Weekend. 20-year-old Maude Latour channels her vibrant, youthful energy in her upbeat new single One More Weekend to craft an irresistibly catchy track that you will want to blast at

somegirlnamedanna-california 2020


Sharing a piece of her heart with us in her tenderising new single california, somegirlnamedanna continues to charm with her brand of diaristic songwriting. Many of us turn to music to search for an escape or for an emotional relief as musicians capture our thoughts