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Artist Of The Week // ELIZA SHADDAD

Bringing her trademark honesty to the forefront, Eliza Shaddad proves that she is a force to be reckoned with in her newest EP Sept ~ Dec. Songstress Eliza Shaddad has had quite the remarkable path into becoming the musician she is today. Born to a

Thornhill - O2 Islington London - GIG GOER 2020

Backstage with THORNHILL

Have you ever wondered what the Thornhill boys are up to before a show? Do they have a secret handshake? Do they spend hours fixing their hair in the mirror? Well, we had the chance to find out and here’s what happened: Photos: Adriana Vasile

Dream State - GIG GOER interview 2019

Interview // DREAM STATE

“If you are feeling like today is the last day and you want to give up, I guarantee you there’s more light coming for you”, Dream State delve into the making of their debut album, Primrose Path, and the important topic of mental health. On

Grayscale - London - GIG GOER - 2019

Interview // GRAYSCALE

“For us it felt very natural to write music that we loved.” Reflecting on their journey as a band, Philadelphia’s Grayscale share the stories that inspired their new album Nella Vita. ‘Painkiller Weather’ is playing in my headphones as I arrive in Camden Town on

Sun Arcana - London - GIG GOER - 2019

Backstage with SUN ARCANA

Celebrating the release of their new EP, Just Another Dream Away, we went behind the scenes with Sun Arcana before their headline show at The Grace in London. Take a look at our exclusive backstage photos below. Photos: Kasia Osowiecka

Millie Turner 2019

Artist Of The Week // MILLIE TURNER

Exuding individuality and a personal charisma on her recent EP Hide+Seek, Millie Turner is about to be the sound to all of your sweetest dreams, honest woes, and everything mundane in between. Hackney-born musician Millie Turner strips away any hint of pretence in her sophomore

Grayscale - GIG GOER 2019

On Tour with GRAYSCALE

Ever wondered what Grayscale get up to on tour? Well, wonder no more – we sent them off with a couple of disposable cameras to capture some memorable moments on their recent UK tour. Take a look at our exclusive photos below.

Anavae - St Pancras Old Church London - GIG GOER 2019

Backstage with ANAVAE

To celebrate the release of their debut album 45, Anavae played a special one-off London show. Gearing up to take to the stage at St Pancras Old Church, we got to hang out with Anavae to capture some of the behind-the-scenes moments. Take a look

San Cisco 2019

Band Of The Week // SAN CISCO

Wistful and enchantment-inducing, there’s a lot to be felt with the newest San Cisco single. Australia’s San Cisco turn up the notch on feelings of nostalgia and bittersweetness with their newest single Skin, the first single to be taken off their upcoming album slated for

ROAM - GIG GOER Interview 2019

Interview // ROAM

“Angry grunge pop for people who need a kick up the arse”, the newest album from ROAM, Smile Wide, finds the band with a renewed sense of confidence. Is there any feeling more empowering than listening to music that’s all about taking back control? Nothing