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slenderbodies 2019


Feel yourself get whisked away with the newest tune from slenderbodies, away from you.  When you combine whispering falsetto with lush electronics, you get the charm of slenderbodies and it’s an enchanting concoction you can’t stay away from. Their newest track away from you elevates you to an



“This album was our way of opening up”, guitarist Brandon Hoover discusses the band’s intriguing new full-length, Sudden Sky. Sharing their thoughts and anxieties with the listeners, Crown The Empire have laid a lot of things bare on their new album Sudden Sky. Drastically questioning

APRE Community Festival Interview 2019

Interview: APRE // Community Festival 2019

We caught up with APRE at Community Festival. Ever wondered at what point should you stop drinking? Watch APRE break down the effects of each pint and show off their dad dancing – the two aren’t correlated in case you were wondering.

SMWRS Community Festival 2019

Interview: SWMRS // Community Festival 2019

We caught up with SWMRS at Community Festival. What’s the similarity between the Cullens from ‘Twilight’ and The 1975? SWMRS break it down for us, and reveal their alter persona names – watch to find out.

The Y Axes 2019

Band Of The Week // THE Y AXES

Taking on the tires of modern life and ever-changing world in their newest album, San Francisco rockers The Y Axes create a body of work that rings especially relevant now. Music-making in the modern age is an interesting thing; reality can create a sense of

Brother Leo 2019

Artist Of The Week // BROTHER LEO

Sweden’s Brother Leo bounces between an exuberant melody and introspective lyricism for his latest single Shine, and the recently released video plays upon both aspects of the track. Brother Leo, the moniker for Swedish musician, songwriter and producer Ola Svensson treads between joyous sonics and

Boston Manor Slam Dunk Interview 2019

Interview: BOSTON MANOR // Slam Dunk Festival 2019

We catch up with Ash from Boston Manor at Slam Dunk Festival. Ash from Boston Manor joined us backstage at Slam Dunk Festival to talk about his favourite internet memes, cheeky pints and why he would totally survive a zombie apocalypse. Watch the interview below!