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Interview // BEING AS AN OCEAN

With pounding choruses and a gripping narrative, Being As An Ocean’s most recent album PROXY: An A.N.I.M.O. Story has shown the band to be completely in their own league. No detail has been lapsed in this body of work; from the thought-provoking themes to cathartic

The Faim - GIG GOER

Interview // THE FAIM

“Don’t expect us to stay the same. Expect the unexpected”, Aussie rockers The Faim explore a whole new state of mind with their debut album. It is a cold summer day when I find myself wandering around the empty streets of Norwich. With not a

Devon 2019

Artist Of The Week // DEVON

Turbo-charged with energy, the newest single from Devon is an infectious cut of alt-pop. UK alt-popper Devon ought to be a name on your radar – having already racked up nearly 200,000 streams on Spotify for his latest single I DONT WANT 2 B UR

City Calm Down - Electrowerkz London - GIG GOER 2019

Backstage with CITY CALM DOWN

Before heading out on the European leg of the tour, we got to hang out with City Calm Down before their show at London’s Electrowerkz. Take a look at our exclusive backstage photos. Photos: Milly McAlister

JC Stewart Press Shot 2019

Artist Of The Week // JC STEWART

The self-confessed Professional Sadboy shares yet another poignant tune with Pick Up Your Phone. With the world of pop brimming with new talents and artists trying to make it in the music industry, it’s hard to find someone who truly catches your ear but JC

Dallon Weekes - iDKHOW Interview - GIG GOER - London 2019


“Don’t waste time on people that don’t care about you. Unfortunately, I had to learn that the hard way”, Dallon Weekes opens up about his past and reveals what the future holds for iDKHOW. “Are they gone?”, a wary security guard asks me, sticking his

Alexander Wood 2019

Artist Of The Week // ALEXANDER WOOD

Get ready to dance with the infectious new tune from Alexander Wood. When most of us think about being 19, having starred in award winning musicals and judging French TV talent shows do not tend to be our typical memories yet French American musician Alexander

Sleeping With Sirens 2019


“All you have control of is right now. The present. Don’t get hung up on the past and future”, guitarist Nick Martin opens up about Sleeping With Sirens’ newest album and the return to their earlier, heavier sound. It’s common for bands to change sounds

dying in designer 2019

Artist Of The Week // DYING IN DESIGNER

There’s no shame in admitting that you’re not alright, and dying in designer lays his own experience on the table in his debut album to create a gritty and cathartic body of work. The emo-rap combination is one that’s becoming more common, but one newcomer

Night Riots 2019

Band Of The Week // NIGHT RIOTS

The newest album from Night Riots is a glitzy ride of synths and pop sensibilities to take you on a journey through the highs and lows of life. Quite literally too, as the band shares how they got high on helium. Los Angeles-based quintet Night