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Interview // ASYLUMS

Music should be fun – that’s still the main aim – ASYLUMS discuss the evolution of the band, the music industry and their upcoming debut album. The band who do things the only way they know. Their own way. The big way. Camden Rocks Festival was a great

Interview // WATERPARKS

WATERPARKS discuss their first London headline show, dreams coming true and their highly anticipated debut album. If you have no idea who Waterparks are, then your life is about to change dramatically. As for me, one of those bands who makes me want to dye my hair. Again.

Interview // DMA’S

The live format of DMA’S is sounding better than it ever sounded – Aussie sensation takes the world by storm. Brighton’s The Great Escape festival brings out the best in new music. This is why it gathers a lot of newcomers. What’s more, not only you can spot many

Interview // ISLAND

Now we know what we’re going for – ISLAND on gradual progression of the band, tour life and what is yet to come. The Great Escape adventure continues. Remember when I said that from my perspective the festival consisted mostly of the running part? Well, I think by this

Interview // VITAMIN

It is all about little victories that you have the whole time – the band VITAMIN look back at the past and hope for the future. A few hours before VITAMIN‘s set, in the hustle and bustle of The Great Escape, I was lucky enough to catch

Interview // CASH+DAVID

CASH+DAVID reflect on dualism, similarities and opposites, the past and the future. Cash+David, producer Tim Ross and singer-songwriter Liz Lawrence, are embodiment of vital and multi-layered electro-pop. The representation of ethereal sounds spreading emotional message, filled with sleek and gentle vocals which easily blend into energetic percussion and sublime

Interview // BEACH BABY

Life is a rollercoaster right now – BEACH BABY end their headline tour with a statement. Beach Baby are many things. A summery mix of catchy and vigorous guitars, dynamic drums and immense bass lines, with a firm charisma and idiosyncratic vocals easily embracing the notes.

Interview // GET INUIT

We can’t wait for people to hear it – GET INUIT reflect on their new material. I caught up with 2/4 of the band Get Inuit after their show at The Dome Tufnell Park in London to talk about touring with VANT, their time in the studio and

Interview // HEATH

I catch HEATH to talk about life on tour, their forthcoming EP and their love for Rae Morris on the London night of their tour with Mike Dignam. After a marvellous gig and some hasty packing of equipment I finally get all the HEATH boys together.

Interview // ALXNDR

From the darkness of the van to the cosiness of the dressing room at The Garage in London I chat to ALXNDR about recent changes, working in the studio and dating preferences. Here we meet again. It hasn’t been long since I spoke to Newcastle trio and yet they’ve