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COYOTE ISLAND Concocts Genre Cocktail With New Track ‘Golden Rule’

Coyote Island has served up the perfect summer cocktail with their newest single, Golden Rule.

Coyote Island 2020

In terms of pop music, Coyote Island stands out for all the right reasons. Golden Rule, the latest single from Maine-based songwriter Mike O’Hehir, takes elements from reggae, hip-hop, folk, and pop and mixes them together to form a catchy, sophisticated summer hit. Woodwind action behind the layers of gritty synth and summery guitars adds an intriguing quality to the instrumentals while his soulful, melodious vocals captivate and engage listeners further. Based on the first half of Golden Rule, you wouldn’t anticipate an incoming rap verse, but O’Hehir pulls off the sonic shift smoothly. With Golden Rule, Coyote Island proves that genres don’t matter when you’re cooking up a juicy tune.