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NOBYN Reminisces on Newest Single ‘January’

Setting out to capture the nostalgia of falling for someone, Nobyn succeeds with his delicate, genre-tasting love song, January.

Nobyn 2020

For much of January, soft and romantic piano accompanies Nobyn’s warm, bewitching vocals, creating three-minutes of cuddle-like sonics. A dash of percussion, including the swishing stylings of a guiro, tie the whole piece together allowing for growth as the track progresses. Every time Nobyn hits notes in his upper register, goosebumps appear. They are fleeting moments, but they house an immense amount of affection and skill. With a full choir backing him up, Nobyn briefly shifts to a pattern more common in jazz and gospel settings towards the middle of January. Although subtle, the choir riffs softly in the background as the song returns to its original form. It is one of the little details in January that make the track such a joy to indulge in.