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DELACHUTE Unveils New Track ‘Sophia’

Take a moment to delve into new track from Montréal based artist Delachute titled Sophia  who’s haunting  personal experiences have given a unique perspective that artists rarely explore.

Delachute 2020

The artistry is layered and textured throughout Delachute’s work with help from Grammy award winning producer Mark Lawson. The new track follows Caligula which was gifted to us a couple of months back. With both songs you can hear the passion for experimentation in every moment. Sophia unravels intricate guitars and delicate vocals, and as it glides through the first verse it amounts into something sublime.

Speaking about his life experiences, Delachute shares:

For a couple of years, my job involved driving from prison to prison and spending countless hours with offenders and their victim (or family members when the victim was dead). I had access to unreal stories. I realized that murders are rarely random. “Love” is almost always part of the equation.