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THE DIRTY NIL Announce New Album ‘Fuck Art’

Announcing their new album, Fuck Art, The Dirty Nil are back with their gritty rock-blended single, Doom Boy.

The Dirty Nil 2020

Meant to be played loud, Canadian punks The Dirty Nil are once again announcing their prowess with their newest single, Doom Boy. Their unique sound blends the grittiness of grunge, the powerhouse of pop-punk, and gnarly guitar licks of metal. From that chaos is born a rowdy rock tune that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Doom Boy is overflowing with lighthearted character that will reinvigorate you and make you want to fall in love. For anyone that has ever enjoyed other Canadian staples like Sum 41 or PUP (or even if you haven’t), The Dirty Nil deserve your attention.

Of the track, frontman Luke Bentham said:

‘Doom Boy’ is one of my favourite songs we’ve ever made. It’s an ode to chivalry and thrash itself, and yes, it’s my Mom’s Dodge Caravan. Crank the dial and enjoy, friends.

The adjoining music video for Doom Boy sees the trio driving around and rocking out in the back of the minivan which features in the lyrics. It also sees them torching the vehicle and having the time of their lives. While a little on the nose, it captures the playful, destructive spirit of the track and makes for a fun visual experience.

Bentham elaborated on the video saying:

[It] was without parallel the most dangerous video we’ve ever made. When we were told that all we had to do was return the ‘shell’ of the van to get half our money back, all hell broke loose. Between the roman candles, vintage mini bikes and minivan mayhem, I was quite surprised that we only had a few injuries by the end of the night. Do NOT attempt any of the antics performed in the ‘Doom Boy’ video, you’ve been warned.

Fuck Art drops via Dine Alone Records later this year.