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JUJ Drops Sassy New Single ‘1-800-HELL-NO’

Brimming with sass, 1-800-HELL-NO is a defining moment for LA-based artist, JUJ.

JUJ 2020

Through every crackling beat, aquatic synth melody, and snappy lyrical run of 1-800-HELL-NO JUJ exudes the feisty confidence. Taking the energy of a woman scorned and serving it up in a scalding pop number is the perfect send-off for that past relationship. During the chorus, a choir of voices emphasizes JUJ’s rich vocals. Although fairly minimalistic, JUJ carries herself and her career boldly forward with the release of 1-800-HELL-NO.

On her new release, JUJ elaborated:

So excited for this release! It stands out & feels unique to my music prior but also keeps similar elements like a choir that feel authentic to my sound. It feels like the perfect time to release ‘1-800’ with summer ending & back to school approaching even if it’s a zoom gathering it’s definitely the summer feel good song I’ve been waiting for.