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SIMILAR KIND Share New Single ‘Nobody Loves You’

Similar Kind give us the summer lovin’ we’ve always dreamed of on sun-kissed new single Nobody Loves You.

Similar Kind 2020

Connecticut indie-pop group, Similar Kind, are in the midst of creating the follow-up EP to their debut Faces & Places. To hold fans over, the group has offered up a new sunshine-slathered single titled Nobody Loves You, in addition to the other pair of previously released songs.

Marrying the laid back surf-rock melodies of Best Coast and the effervescent energy of Two Door Cinema Club, Similar Kind’s musicality is the perfect balance of whimsy and structure. The sun-kissed track offers tidal waves of soft yet rambunctious guitars, quick and rhythmic drum work and glittering chime glides to instantly send your heart racing. Julia Breen’s casually modest, albeit powerful vocal stylings bellow like a soft breeze coming off the ocean, offering refreshment to your ears the very instant the first note falls from her mouth.

What could be mistaken for as one of The Cure’s most bubblegum tracks, Nobody Loves You is sugar-coated-in reverb, laced with tambourine and zested with an acoustic guitar — making it an instant smile-inducing earworm. The adorable love story wreathed around the song only adds to the nearly tangible picture it paints, leaving us longing for a summer romance that lasts a lifetime. The band shares:

‘Nobody Loves You’ is about the divide of a friendship. They have moved on to something more exciting, while you have always been there for them and understand them better than anyone else.

Mellow, inviting, and warm — Nobody Loves You offers the same sensations as a sun-soaked evening on a golden beach, somewhere in paradise with that special someone.