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Album Review // POINT NORTH ‘Brand New Vision’

Packed with huge soundscapes and brazen honesty, Point North venture into an alternate reality on their conceptual debut album, Brand New Vision.


Point North Brand New Vision 2020

Dark and destructive at first glance, the world painted in Brand New Vision is threaded with hope and optimism. Escaping mundanity and the monotony of daily existence, Point North navigate us through an abstract realm where the ‘uncomfortable’ gives meaning to life, embracing it in all its colourful glory. With an intriguing narrative concept, we follow a sentient being, Drax, through the figments of the band’s imagination. Aimed to fight emotional numbness in order to feel something, the record is a genre-crossing adventure, marrying alternative rock hooks with pop punk urgency and melodic pop subtleties.

“I won’t wait for / Change to find me”, Jon Lundin sings on opening track Brand New Vision feat. DE’WAYNE, setting the hard-hitting tone for the journey ahead. With an inspirational message, the song thrives on big instrumentation and powerful vocals, gracefully colliding to create an explosive chorus, whilst DE’WAYNE’s verse adds a tasty rap flavour and bite to the already irresistible tune. Exploring the dark side of the world, the track sheds light on those who have the courage to do something about it while inspiring others to do the same.

Exposing the vulnerable side of the band, Into The Dark is a sleek fusion of atmospheric electronics and heavier guitar sound. Balancing between gentle verses and adrenaline-charged choruses, the pure, unadulterated emotion carried throughout the track hits you right in the feels. Sleeping With Sirens’ very own Kellin Quinn features on the song, gracing us with his signature high vocals turning the decibel levels up to the maximum.

A reassuring message that everything’s going to be okay comes with heartfelt A Million Pieces. Haunting and lyrically raw, the song offers darker melodic tones and a gradual build that wraps up with a stunning fade out. Reminding us that the process of acknowledging your insecurities and vulnerabilities can bring peace and comfort, it’s a pick-me-up song we all need sometimes. After all, we all have our own demons to battle.

From the prominent drum work in Lethal to effortless gear shifts in Apologue and ballad-like Distant, the record is a hook-laden study on the darkness that can reside in us. However, by triggering listeners to act and do more, it also shows that accepting that darkness can eventually lead to joy and happiness. Elsewhere on the album, a cascade of electrifying riffs and poignant lyrics comes down on us with Heartbeat. Filled with sing-along choruses and bold attitude, the track is sure to make you “feel something.”

A song written about the inequality and injustice that migrant Americans face on a daily basis, No One’s Listening is a loud cry and tool in spreading awareness and fighting social injustices. Nothing Left To Lose follows suit, reminding us that the fight isn’t done yet.

Rounding off the album with upbeat Be The Same, it is ray of sunshine on a warm day in the musical form. Evocative vocals and meaningful lyrics, topped with thrilling instrumentation, tell us to break free from the shackles of the past and not to be afraid to reach for the change.

Utopian in its own right, Brand New Vision is a timely and intriguing record that lets go of big poetic metaphors in favour of raw, true and thought-provoking messages. Released during current unprecedented times, the album embraces humanity and celebrates vulnerability through sky-rocketing rock anthems and soulful pop elements, making it a stadium-ready material. Delving deeper than ever before, the band proves that brand new vision truly begins with Point North.