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SLY BOY and MAGGIE MILES Share Cinematic New Video for ‘Deader’

With an ominous undertone to the track, the darkness of Deader is reflected equivalently in the music video.

Sly Boy 2020

Sly Boy and Maggie Miles open up their own sonic corner with their debut collaborative effort Deader. Lifted off Sly Boy’s upcoming album Jibō Complex, the track unveils a dystopian soundtrack that captures the lurking darkness that can infringe upon our minds and wreak havoc and devastation. Inevitably followed by a trail of destruction, Deader acutely captures this haunting and often terrifying energy with gritty melodies and visceral electronics that are capable of eliciting the same goosebumps that you would get from such twisted thoughts.

With swooping, all-encapsulating cinematic shots and minimal cutting, the video shares in the same surreal feeling evoked by the track. Following Sly Boy and Maggie Miles as they wander through barren forests and dreary landscapes in the early hours of the morning, you’ll be taken alongside their eerie journey both sonically and visually. The vocal processing teeters upon the edge of the human and the supernatural, and aided by chilling vocal harmonies, the world that you are transported to is one of nightmares and neurosis. The ability of Sly Boy and Maggie Miles to conjure such a strong response points towards their mastery of their craft, and you can’t help but feel morbidly fascinated to see what petrifying realms the pair will send you to next.

Speaking on the new track, the artists explain:

We originally cowrote ‘Deader’ with the intention of giving it no meaning at all. But the collection of garbled lyrics we ended up putting into it did feel meaningful to both of us at the end of the process—as if the song was defying us. To me (Liam) it’s a little bit about self-sabotage.