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Album Review // BLOXX ‘Lie Out Loud’

Filled with pop-rock anthems, roaring guitars and brutally honest lyrics, Lie Out Loud is an indie masterpiece that showcases love and passion in the truest form.


Bloxx Lie Out Loud 2020

Unapologetically chaotic in every way, Lie Out Loud is filled with indie guitar anthems that beg to be played at full volume. Shining with pop melodies and glittering vocals, the album is a work of art full of energy. Written about breaking free from the mundane, falling in love, feeling confused and everything in between, Lie Out Loud encompasses a rollercoaster of relatable emotions that provide an escape from everyday life.

The album opens with title track Lie Out Loud. A song about desperation for the love of another, it showcases the feelings of a first crush beautifully. The line “I would do anything just to go out with you” captures the emotional impact of falling for someone and the desire for that person to feel the same way. Off My Mind has similar themes surrounding the craving of another and not being able to think of anything else. The track features a heavy guitar pop melody that builds as it approaches the chorus by using softer baselines and more prominent electric guitar, creating a tune fit for a festival crowd.

Touching on the theme of the end of a relationship, Thinking About Yourself explores the feelings of both relief and not caring anymore. The lyric “I’m sorry I can’t help, you’re too busy thinking about yourself” takes a dive into moving on with life and ultimately coming to the realisation that maybe that person wasn’t who you thought they were. Deep drum sounds set the tone for the song, creating the signature anthemic chorus with raw, powerful vocals and heavy electric guitars that fans of Bloxx will be familiar with. The same melody structure is used in tracks such as Hey Jenny.

Songs such as Coming Up Short, and It Won’t Work Out tackle similar subjects surrounding wanting to be in a relationship but also recognising that it’s not the right choice to make because personalities clash and there is something missing. Slowing down the pace, ballad What You Needed blends acoustic guitar with softer percussion instruments to create a dreamy song.

Swimming rounds of the album with a slower electric verse that bursts into a darker, more moody chorus, building up tension throughout the song. Perfectly bringing the album to a close, it features the signature bass lines and guitar that packs a punch.

Lie Out Loud is a masterclass in indie anthems that are both upbeat and inspiring whilst instilling confidence and hope to every listener throughout its entirety. The mix of incredibly catchy guitar riffs and relatable lyrics create an explosion of life, love and meaning whilst proving that guitar music isn’t dead and women can be rockstars too.