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JOHN ADAMS Encourages Love With ‘Nobody Knows’

If you ever wondered what the love child between Ed Sheeran and James Blunt would sound like, allow John Adams to show you. 

John Adams 2020

There is power in minimalism. For Welsh crooner, John Adams, his latest single proves just that. Attune with his emotions, Nobody Knows is about taking a leap of faith. Filled with tender optimism starting from the first verse – “Will I get lost in a fairytale? Or am I just wasting my time? Will I break your heart or will you break mine? Nobody knows. Nobody knows” – Adams asserts that living in the present is more important than debating cons in unknown futures. Soothing acoustics draw emphasis to his bright vibrato while minimal synths punctuate his perfectly layered vocals during every chorus. John Adams can sleep peacefully knowing that Nobody Knows is a gorgeous, rich piece of work that everyone should hear.

Simply put, Nobody Knows:

…is a hopeful song, encouraging us to fall in love despite all our doubts, fears and questions.