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TINY DOLPHIN Shares New Single ‘Shellfire’

Underground bedroom-pop maker Tiny Dolphin takes a step back from oversaturated reality and delivers soothing new single Shellfire.

Tiny Dolphin 2020

Deriving all the way from Austin, Texas, Tiny Dolphin is the solo project of America’s sweetheart and multi-instrumentalist Alex Fisher who has captivated audience’s attention for the last few years. From the early days of YouTube covers to last year’s debut album Calm For Color, Fisher has remarkably experimented with a diverse range of musical sounds and influences and Shellfire is no exempt.

The latest release is a heartfelt soundtrack that features divinely wistful acoustics and doleful piano chords that add to its atmospheric effect. Fisher, whose calming poignant vocals are just sensationally serene, explains:

This is a song I wrote about doing MDMA for the first time in the Moab desert with my girlfriend. It’s about taking a deep breath, letting go, connecting with nature, and appreciating the beauty of romance.

Keep an eye on Tiny Dolphin’s social media as he promises two more singles Lasso and Marrow to be released soon.