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GLDED Drops Calming New Single ‘Waiting Up’

Like a lullaby for adults, Glded shares his new track Waiting Up.

Glded 2020

Soothing yet haunting, Waiting Up, the recent single from Chicago-based Glded (aka Ben Harper) is strikingly beautiful. Ambient radio static pairs softly with Harper’s earthy vocals creating an all-encompassing, ethereal musical experience. Listening to Waiting Up is less about going through the motions and more floating along with it. There’s magic in the metallic country twang of the lead acoustic that ties the song together. As someone consistently inspired by nature and their worldly surroundings, the rich, down-to-earth ether Glded has created fits seamlessly with his persona.

Glded described Waiting Up by saying:

‘Waiting Up’ is about quelling noisy thoughts before getting to sleep. When I wrote the song, I was travelling between time zones on a weekly basis, which had a pretty negative effect on my sleep schedule – both late nights and early mornings. When you wake up the next day, everything seems much more manageable. But until then, it can be a battle to quiet a restless mind.