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BRASS PHANTOMS Share Rousing New Single ‘Hurricane’

With electrifying riffs flying left, right, and centre, Hurricane is the searing new single from Brass Phantoms that is sure to leave you feeling charged.

Brass Phantoms 2020

Dublin quintet Brass Phantoms unleash a torrent of energy with their blistering new single Hurricane, a brash display of firepower propelled by brazen guitars. The single is lifted from the band’s upcoming debut album, Holding Out For Horrors, which is set for release on September 18th. Presenting an integrity through both their sound and lyricism, reflective aphorisms like ‘throw away the past and not the pain’ are interwoven with a personal narrative to leave a resounding impact on the listener. With a soaring chorus, backed by uplifting vocal harmonies and driven instrumentals, the track presses on with an unstoppable urgency that demands you to pay attention to the message that it’s expelling.

Speaking more on the track, guitarist Greg Whelan shares:

‘Hurricane’ is definitely one of the songs we’re most proud of on the album. It has quite an accessible sound, but there’s quite a bit of depth and openness in the words, and the energy in the music accompanies that quite well. We’re so excited for people to hear it, and the entire album.