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THE NATIVE Share Bruising New Track ‘Chasing Highs’

Gripping in its poignancy and hooking melodies, Chasing Highs is the latest single from The Native that will snatch your breath away.

The Native 2020

Plymouth indie quintet The Native have kept a relatively quiet presence over the past year, but the silence is broken as they return with their captivating newest single Chasing Highs. The time away saw the band honing their craft, and this period of quietly chipping away has evidently paid off as The Native share razor-sharp melodies and an irresistible catchiness in Chasing Highs. The track stems from a tragic tale of a girl who passed away after overdosing, and the band acutely captures this dark truth in sensitive lyricism with respectful understanding. With such a heavy underpinning to the track, the emotional turmoil rumbles underneath the melody through the occasional high guitar piercing through, and the band creates a bruising sound that captures the full weight of the track.

Frontman and guitarist Charlie Noordeweir explains:

You don’t often hear about events like this happening in our home town, especially with someone at such a young age. It really highlighted to us how a lot of the younger generations aren’t properly educated on these issues and how easy it is for someone so young to do something without thinking about the consequences.