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FALCON Unveils Intimate New Single ‘I’ll Admit It’

Getting deep and personal, I’ll Admit It permits the beauty from vulnerability to shine through and become a learning experience.

Falcon 2020

Falcon, the moniker for musician Amanda Lindsey Cook, makes a heartfelt introduction with poignant debut single I’ll Admit It. Coming from a classical music background, Falcon was always surrounded by music in her upbringing and shares, “Our family was very social and I loved piano. Homeschooling allowed me to pursue music as a form of study. I started playing when I was five and eventually got a degree from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto”. Having undertaken past musical projects, Falcon may not be Amanda’s first taste of the industry, but it is certainly her latest, and more importantly, her most honest venture to date.

In I’ll Admit It, Falcon allows her own vulnerability to shine through in a dazzling manner. With a delicate blend of tinkering keys and airy falsetto, the melody is pure and simple in its beauty. The track seems to transcend the constraints of human shortcoming and flaws as Amanda derives power from her own experience in accepting her weaknesses and refusing to hide from them. Despite the seemingly submissive accompaniment, there’s a direct confrontation to be found in the way that Amanda tackles head-on her own shortcomings, and this refusal to shy away will leave you feeling inspired to address and embrace your own character.