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LIMÓN LIMÓN Return With Fantasy-Fuelled Single ‘Hot Pink Tiger’

Prepare to be drawn into the whimsical dreamscape of Limón Limón as they take you into their imagination with Hot Pink Tiger.

Limon Limon 2020

Los Angeles duo Limón Limón have already established themselves to be purveyors of the fantastical and imaginative, but their newest single Hot Pink Tiger takes their glittering sound to a whole other level of fictional fancies. Melding together hooking vocals with West Coast inspired melodies, the disco-like beats are the cherry on top of this sonic hotpot that bring the past and the future into the current present moment.

Hot Pink Tiger is the soundtrack to a surreal midnight reverie that the duo experienced, where the real and the made-up blur together into a feverish, sensory dream of, you guessed it, hot pink tigers. Cascading synths fall alongside syncopated bass lines to guide you upon this journey into another dimension, and as funky guitars fly past your ears, you’ll find yourself whisked along with the same ardent fervour that the duo is gripped by. It’s an intoxicating, hooking, and utterly irresistible blend that will leave you questioning the boundary between the abstract and the real, but enjoying the journey of discovery nonetheless.