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LLEO Shares Honest New Single ‘Only Get Better’

Masking hard-hitting lyrics with a sugar-sweet sound, lleo brings us her juxtaposing new track Only Get Better.

lleo 2021

Anyone in need of a cheery pick-me-up? lleo’s latest single will do just that, despite the darkness hidden with the lyrics that touch upon the storm that can brew within our own heads. Offering a sweet and bright electro-pop anthem, the chorus will hit differently with its relatable lyrics and buoyant electronics contrasted against a pounding bass – singing ‘I’ve never felt this sad, missing all my friends like bad. But that’s how you know it’s fine ‘cause it can only get better’, the glimmering optimism will pull us through the difficulty of being isolated from each other right now.

Explaining what she wants to achieve with her music, lleo offers:

I want people to feel sad and happy when they hear my music. I want them to understand the layers. If they have a head-full of layers like I do, then my music will resonate with them.

She further elaborates on how the track came about, sharing:

The last year has been horrible. I was in the studio one day with my co-writers, and we were all feeling pretty miserable – to the point where we thought “things are SO bad, it can only get better.” We wanted to encapsulate that feeling of everything being weird and scary, but also bring a little bit of hope to people. Things will get better eventually, but it’s ok to feel weird whilst the world is still not right.