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ViVii Share Whimsical New Single ‘One Day’

Bringing a dreamy spark to your speakers, ViVii are here to lift you up with One Day.

ViVii 2020

Swedish dream-pop trio ViVii are back with their lulling sounds to brighten up your 2021. They channel the same warmth and light that we have witnessed in their previous music into their glorious, upbeat new single One Day, which is set to feature on the trio’s upcoming album. Presenting jangly electronics and fuzzy bass lines, a blissful vocal line gently wraps around you and soothes you with words of encouragement, giving you a quiet strength to conquer whatever life hurls at you. The interplay between the male and female vocals melds together seamlessly to provide a sense of contentment, and the rousing chorus will fill your heart with euphoria.

Speaking more about how the track came about, the trio shares:

On a rooftop in Brooklyn 2 years ago we had a farewell party to some good friends of ours that had joined us on tour. The 3 of us ended up alone, like we do most of the time… it started to rain and we started to chant a melody that has stuck with us since. This is the result of the ViVii chant that we always use right before we go on stage.