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CANTERVICE Release New Single ‘Void’

Hard rockers Cantervice have released their thought-provoking first single, Void.


Reminiscent of acts such as Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin — the new to the scene band laces together the edgy industrial tendencies of 2000’s nu-metal with modern rock production and Orwellian electronica.

Taking you through the story of a futuristic totalitarian society, Void immediately immerses listeners with its dark-wave intro met with noise-laden guitars, slamming percussion and eerily soft vocals.

Building to its pinnacle with heavy storytelling through lines like “Now you’re forced into a system of abuse,” the verse instrumentation seems mild when met by the urgency of the song’s chorus and ultimately the breakdown.

Interlinked with static, glitch-plaited screams and start-stop riffs, Void quickly takes you into an unsettling day-dream packed with paranoia surrounding what is to come of society.

In regards to the song, Cantervice had this to share:

It’s about those who choose to fall in line to their oppressors, out of fear and for the sake of security. It’s about those who willingly throw themselves into a world that is void of the truth and only filled with the lies that were created to keep them under control. It is a call for revolution to those who’ve chosen to submit to the will of the theoretical dystopian government and are too afraid to rise up.