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NIC HOWELL Shares New Single ‘Tacos & Captain’

Nic Howell reminisces on the good old days in his new alt-pop delight, Tacos & Captain.

Nic Howell 2021

Nic Howell teams up with Alan Thomas of the band joan and long-time collaborator John Johnson for his first single of 2021, Tacos & Captain. Bathed in a summer glow, the new track is a joy-inducing, heartwarming offering that finds Howell musing over the good times he got to spend with his significant other. Howell’s tender vocals smoothly glide over a slick blend of sparkling guitars and fluttering, breezy synths. With a touch of nostalgia and a deep yearning oozing from the lyrics, the sun-kissed melodies are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Speaking on the new release, Nic Howell shares:

‘Tacos & Captain’ is actually a love note I wrote to my significant other! I wrote it about all of the good times we’ve shared. The writing process started at a beach house in St. Augustine and I was in my happy feels, so we whipped out the guitar and went for it.