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FELID Charms With New Single ‘Invincible’

Reaching into stirring electronics, Felid expands his alt-pop soundscape into a more emotional realm with Invincible.

Felid 2021

Fresh from the release of his debut EP, Felid continues to delight listeners with his heartfelt new single Invincible. The single is the first hint we get of his forthcoming sophomore EP, Knowing You, Part Two, which is slated for release later this year. Bringing together stirring orchestral textures and dappling electronics, it’s a heartstring-tugging track that reveals a softer side to the artist.

Explaining how the idea for the track came around, Felid shares:

This one’s about a classic moment of being far away from the person you absolutely adore. That needing to hear their voice and know that they know that you’re missing them.

Everyone listens to a load of different stuff. You might have your favourite genre or artist but at the end of the day you’ll probably have different music for different times, right? I feel the same way about creating it. Sometimes I want to make something that people can’t help but move to. Sometimes I want to make something to get people thinking. And sometimes, like this one, I’ll make music because I fucking miss someone and want them to know it.