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JAWS THE SHARK Shares Irresistible New Single ‘Demon Dream’

Swinging at you with a grungy and irresistible riff, prepare to get down and dirty with Demon Dream.

Jaws the Shark 2021

Although you may not yet be familiar with the name Jaws The Shark, you’re likely to have come across the mastermind behind the project, Olly Bailey, who worked as a touring manager for the likes of Demob Happy, Dinosaur Pile-Up, and Yak. Being immersed in this environment has helped Olly build experience which he takes into Jaws The Shark, and manifest into refreshing new sounds within rock to create a thrilling listening experience. His newest single, Demon Dream, is a hypnotic slice of fuzzy guitars and faded vocals that get right into the gritty textures that few of us can resist.

Speaking more about how the track came to be, Olly divulges:

I had this recurring dream where I’m in a big house, with a wooden spiral staircase that leads nowhere, and this demon-like thing forces me to sing at its request. It scared the shit out of me and I would wake in a sweat. The line: ‘Like a rudderless ship, you’re sinking, stuck inside your own head’, is a reference to the fact that with this being a dream and being asleep, you’re defenceless and at the mercy of the dream itself, it just has to play out until you wake up.