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ISSEY CROSS Releases Debut EP ‘Mirrors Don’t Lie’

Issey Cross takes you on a ride with incredible new track Funfair.

Issey Cross 2021

Blurring the lines between bedroom pop, R&B and hip-hop, Issey Cross captivates your undivided attention with Funfair, the fourth track on her striking, self-reflective new EP Mirrors Don’t Lie.

After moving to London at age 18 to refine her craft, the poetic brilliance of Funfair’s lyricism proves that Issey Cross has undoubtedly achieved what she set out to do. The chorus “I take you ‘round in circles like a funfair” shows a refreshingly self-aware perspective of sabotaging a relationship, whilst the second verse’s lyrics “with you I am winning, but my head is sometimes spinning, when I’m overthinking what you say” explores how her behaviour also intensely impacts her own emotions. Cohesive from start to finish, Issey has managed to evoke the circular motion of a funfair ride in her intelligent lyrics.

Issey describes her introspective EP in general:

‘Mirrors Don’t Lie’ is me understanding that it wasn’t only the other person in the relationship who was wrong, it was me too.

Offering a distinct point of view, which her sophisticated, sharp songwriting enables her to deliver, this is just the beginning of what is to be a glorious ride for Issey Cross.