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THE SEWING CLUB Unveil Sincere New Single ‘Trying’

Trying is a blend of blissful Clairo-esque vocals, gorgeous guitar riffs and grippingly authentic lyricism.

The Sewing Club 2021

Tennessee-based band The Sewing Club harness elements of indie rock and dream pop in their stunning second release. Penned by lead singer Hannah McElroy after her struggle to adapt with transitioning from Tianjin, China to Nashville, TN for university, Trying earnestly embodies the innate desire to feel content in life.

The first verse’s lyrics “seen better days, woke up in the morning, put on another face” introduce this track as a deeply honest portrayal of the human condition, by illustrating the obligation you can sometimes feel to appear happy to those around you. Trying continues its intricate dissection of human emotion with the chorus’ poignant lyrics “it’s not enough, keep my head above, pressure’s building up.”

Echoing the chorus, the song’s exposed outro “I’m trying my best today” is something I’m sure we, as listeners, can all relate to. The Sewing Club’s lyrical vulnerability, layered upon alternating guitar sonics, allows you to fall completely in love with them.

Frontwoman Hannah describes the inspiration behind the single:

It is difficult differentiating between what your parents believe versus what you believe and it can be hard dismantling beliefs and values you have carried your whole life, but you have to try your best! That is the core message of this song.