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ViVii Announce New Album ‘Mondays’

Allow the dreamy accompaniment of Read Between to carry you away.


Swedish dream-pop trio ViVii has delighted with the likes of past singles One Day and Rendezvous, but they bring their whimsical sound to the next level with their newest single Read Between. The single comes along the announcement of the band’s sophomore album, Mondays, which is set to be released on 21st May. Detailing the forthcoming release, the band explains:

Mondays have always left a bad taste in our mouths as we grew up. So by meeting up every Monday in our studio and making music we made that day the best day of the week, maybe trying to rewrite the past in a way. Entering the studio doors equals a safe zone, where everything feels possible and no rules have to be followed in any shape or form.

So Monday after Monday passed and all of a sudden we had an album ready to share.

Inviting you to float along the airy strings and euphoric electronics, Read Between will send you into a trance with its evocative soundscapes. As it builds through the track, you’ll feel your blood rising alongside the texture before a final wash of chilled-out euphoria brings you back.

Speaking about the track, the trio shares:

We wanted to make a song that didn’t have any set rules to it. Just a journey song, much like a classical music score. The first bit was written in a big brick church from the 1800s somewhere in Holland.

It talks about not being able to understand how the ordinary life of school, work and other social situations should be handled. It’s not easy when u feel like you’re from another planet.