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DARLA JADE Shares Ethereal New Track ‘Slow Motion’

Tackling the struggle of an incessant need to be achieving, Darla Jade has just released Slow Motion, the perfect track to calm all our brain’s down.

Darla Jade

Darla Jade, despite being a youngster in the big industry, has very quickly become a name that people have learned to keep an eye on. First sharing her electro-pop sound back in 2019, she’s still what some would call a “newbie” – her confidence and talent tells us otherwise, though. Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Darla has received huge support on her releases throughout 2020 from her local BBC Introducing station, and has managed to build up quite a listening already.

Her latest single is titled Slow Motion, and it tackles the need we feel to keep busy and keep achieving in a world that’s constantly on the go, yet forcing yourself to take a step back, and begin working as if in slow motion. Within seconds of pressing play, the track fills listeners with an utmost joy, as summer beats take instant control. Darla Jade has a voice that turns heads – in the best possible way, of course. Her distinct vocals travel through our ears and soothe, as we explore all the things going on inside her head. Very much in the essence of “going fast in slow motion,” Slow Motion comprises of sweet, calm melodies but a quicker beat takes precedence in the background. Up and down in terms of tone, in and out of the rush of life; a very well-composed single creates anticipation for whatever Darla Jade’s planning next.

Slow Motion is the first single to have been released from Darla Jade’s forthcoming EP.