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KYLER SLATER Shares New Single ‘Nosebleeds’

Kyler Slater opens up in his carefully-paced, atmospheric new single Nosebleeds.

Kyler Slater 2021

With raw intensity at its heart, Nosebleeds finds Kyler Slater tackling the themes of self-destruction and toxicity in an unfiltered and honest manner. There’s a touch of acute melancholia to the sound, as Slater pairs alt rock instrumentals with dark-pop leaning production to create a hauntingly beautiful melody. Adorned with eerie electronics and emotionally revealing vocals, Nosebleeds is a soul-piercing slow-burner that will tug at your heartstrings in no time.

Speaking on the new release, Slyter explains:

‘Nosebleeds’ is about letting go of toxicity, and knowing that you’ll be better off. Even though you might miss what keeps you down and keeps you numb.