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WILL NAISBITT Releases Warm New Single ‘Do It Again’

A feeling of euphoria is evoked in listeners with Will Naisbitt’s latest track, Do It Again.

Will Naisbitt

Hailing from Birmingham, 19-year-old Will Naisbitt has done nothing but create addictive anthems since he debuted in 2019 with Take Me Home. Each of Naisbitt’s singles have gathered thousands of streams each, which has set him up to be an extremely promising face amongst the pop scene.

Naisbitt’s latest single, Do It Again, is a feelgood, summer playlist song. The instrumentals used are reflective of those seen in music from the likes of Lauv and Jeremy Zucker, and Naisbitt has methodically used optimistic, floaty melodies to put an upbeat spin on words that go deeper. Do It Again is Naisbitt’s commentary on a need for change and missed opportunities, this is portrayed creatively and this song holds high hopes for Will Naisbitt’s future releases.