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BELOT Shares Groovy New Single ‘Bed’

Returning with a throbbing sound and an infectious hook, Bed is the alluring newest single from Belot.


21-year-old Belot returns with her own honest and unfiltered brand of pop with her latest release Bed. In her musical exploration so far, she has been unafraid to pursue her perspective and speak candidly about her own feelings and experiences, and the musician cites this as one of her key drivers, saying:

I want to create awkward pop music, writing without self-consciousness and trying to tackle lyrical pop norms of vague story lines. I want people to feel like they have a real insight into the feelings and perspective what the song is about.

She takes her honest observations and spins a charming hook on them in Bed, as she sings about modern romance atop a pulsating bass line that is simply irresistible. As the lyrics cut to the chase, declaring, ‘let’s just cut the bullshit and go straight to the bed’, the confidence lends itself to a swaggering melody that will remain lodged in your brain. Sharing her feelings for writing the track, Belot admits:

‘Bed’ is about when you have a whole bunch of sexual tension with someone and although you’re both doing the polite back and forth of small talk, at the heart of it you really do just want to hook up.

I think we’ve all had some version of that with someone. I wrote the song after me and my two best friends spoke about the sort of funny social politics that are attached to that situation. What we all really want to say vs what we actually do.