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JARED ALTO Returns With Tender Offering ‘Not The One’

Brimming with emotion and poignancy, Not The One is the affecting new single from Jared Alto.

Jared Alto

East London’s queer singer songwriter Jared Alto digs into his own past to create deeply moving music that reflects his struggles and life lessons. Paired with his velvety and rich vocals, the result is a stirring sound that will leave goosebumps and send shivers tingling down listener’s spine. In his newest single Not The One, you’ll feel your nerve endings being lit on fire by the rousing strings and the ardent lyrics as Jared powers through with an unshakable passion.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Jared divulges:

‘Not The One’ is a song about relationships between incompatible people. I wanted it to reflect the complexity that comes with a breakup. Breakups are usually painted from the perspective of the broken hearted, but I wanted to draw from personal experience to show there’s pain and heartbreak for both people involved. There’s nothing simple about a breakup, and if you’ve been with somebody for a long time, there’s genuine torment that comes with the realisation that you both want different things.

The earliest voice note I can find for ‘Not The One’ is from the 29th February 2020. I was away on a work trip to Tallinn but I had a piano recording from Olly from the last time we’d been in his studio. So during the evenings I started recording voice notes into GarageBand on my phone to capture ideas for the melody and lyrics. With the pandemic soon in full swing, we didn’t manage to get together to properly record this until August 2020.