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M.A.G.S. Shares Funky Pop Anthem ‘Choked Out’

Euphoric highs and angsty lows are explored in Choked Out, the latest single from M.A.G.S.

M.A.G.S. 2021

Creating under the alias of M.A.G.S. as “a persona that I can put on and take off and put myself in a different headspace to create and perform,” Buffalo-born, LA-based Elliott Douglas creates infectious music, not conforming to a single genre to allow fluidity within his sound. In the last few years Douglas has put out two EP’s, a debut album, and is now working on the second LP, of which two singles have already been released.

The latest single from the forthcoming album is Choked Out, an energetic, funk-pop anthem that symbolises self-reflection and the need for change. Douglas uses introspective, honest lyricism to tell listeners – and himself, to an extent – that to make change, honesty with yourself really is the best policy. M.A.G.S.’s vocals instantly bring a smile to the face, and the groovy beat travels through the mind. All in the light of self-love and self-improvement, Choked Out is a serotonin-ridden, pop bop.

On the single and the forthcoming album, M.A.G.S. enlightens:

It’s a chart of my personal growth over the last few years. I’ve worked a lot on myself and learned to love myself and those around me better. It’s acknowledging where you started, who you are now, and where you want to be.