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IZZA Shares Touching New Single ‘Apocalypse’

With rousing lyrics that reassure you that there will be someone there for you, Apocalypse is the rousing new song from Izza.


London-based musician Izza is back with another driving single in the form of Apocalypse. Bringing her searing vocals to the forefront, she carries a message of empowerment and hope; no matter what hardships life throw at you, there will be someone by your side to see you through. Combined with fiercely rhythmic beats, she creates a groovy alt-pop sound that you will not be able to resist the pull of, and Apocalypse is sure to remain lodged in your head.

Sharing the background on how the track came about, Izza explains:

I wrote ‘Apocalypse’ together with Zach Said at the end of 2020 in a studio just minutes away from Oxford Circus. As most of that year, the streets were empty, the shops and restaurants were closed, the usual sound of music from the pubs and bars on Carnaby Street was missing – a different London to the one we were used to. Although ‘Apocalypse’ evolved during a global pandemic, the song is really about any challenging time in a person’s life and trying to find joy in it. A bad time can pull us down, but it can also help us realise what and who we appreciate the most. The song talks about the fact that building up walls around our feelings and trying to tackle life all on our own is not the solution, but connecting with ourselves and others is. The last line of the chorus says “maybe our story starts, when everything falls apart”, because we might find that some of the best things happen, not despite, but because of the darkness. And we’re ready for it, so “let the apocalypse come.”