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SILKIN Returns With Lo-Fi Pop Track ‘Remember Me’

Losing yourself in the process of losing someone else is a feeling SILKIN wants to shake in new single, Remember Me.


Hanna Kim is an LA-native, Korean American singer/songwriter who writes and performs under the alias of SILKIN, putting R&B melodies to her life experiences and creating songs from the heart. Debuting in 2017, SILKIN has released a single a year since, each of which have found themselves on countless Pop and R&B playlists. Brand-new single Remember Me embodies SILKIN’s latest outpouring of emotions.

The single is written about the feeling of losing yourself whilst in the process of losing someone else, being a stranger in your own life once you start spending less time so dependent on another. Smooth, emotive vocals combine with lo-fi R&B beats to explore finding yourself in your own company once more. A gorgeous, eye-opening single, Remember Me is bound to excite listeners for whatever SILKIN has for us next.

Further explaining the meaning behind Remember Me, SILKIN describes:

It’s a weird phenomenon and I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. We all go through it and it’s absolutely heart-breaking each time. We don’t want to forget them, and we don’t want to be forgotten.