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WOLF ALICE Reveal Stunning New Single ‘No Hard Feelings’

Wolf Alice offer up a delightful taste of indie balladry with No Hard Feelings.

Wolf Alice

Photo: Jordan Hemingway

Wolf Alice have shared stunning visuals for their brand new track, No Hard Feelings, the third single to be taken from their forthcoming album Blue Weekend, out on June 4th.

Emotionally raw yet subtle, No Hard Feelings is a delicate take on the end of a relationship. With a poetic embellishment to it, the track showcases Ellie Rowsell’s lush vocals playing against a longing guitar. Creating a sound that feels like summer sunlight, Wolf Alice once again grace us with a sonic marvel that cements their unparalleled approach to songwriting.

Speaking on the new single, Ellie Rowsell shares:

I started out trying to make a really cheesy almost Motown-y, Ronettes kind of song about the end of a relationship, and feeling ‘What’s the point of being miserable about it?’ But it was short, because originally it was played so fast. I tried to make it longer, but I didn’t have any more words – I had said everything I wanted to say perfectly, and didn’t want to ruin it with more. So instead we slowed it down, and I felt way more moved by it like that.